Meet Our Team

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

- Hellen Keller

Chairman Co-Founder

Farizul Baharom

Farizul has served at the Ministry of Finance Incorporated entity (Prokhas) and has acted as Adviser to the Economic Planning Unit at the Prime Minister's Department and the Ministry of Transport. He specializes in public policy and strategy as well as project management and governance. He is also the Co-founder of Biodiversity Malaysia.

Director Co-Founder

Sharizal Shaarani

Sharizal is a serial entrepreneur, an activist in several NGOs and a former corporate senior executive. His Industry experience include Telco & Digital Economy, PR and Media, sustainable agriculture and city living. Some key past projects include a JV with a Fortune 500 company & an Australian IP company in Lobster Aquaculture.

Burpee Challenge Coordinator

Marissa Parry

Marissa has been active in the health and fitness industry since 2008, specialising in nutrition and wellness. Her life is centered around family, fitness and food. She continuously strives to be a good role model for her children and hopes to inspire others along the way!


Romil Samsudin

Romil has always been passionate to solve poverty and famine. He advised and is participating is several wakaf bodies namely International Zakat and Waqf Standards, Waqaf Development Board of the WIEF and the committee of the Perak Wakaf Council. He has participated in projects with the UN, the IFRC and is currently a board member of YaPIEM .

Urban Farming Specialist

Rashdan Rashid

Rashdan is the Chairman of KL’s Local Agenda 21 and President of Persatuan Lestari Alam. He has 15 years in advocacy or permaculture and urban farming. Linked to 300 urban farms in KL and 25,000 community farms nationwide, he has used this network to combine urban farming as way to transform the wellbeing of the homeless


Dr Tini Zainudin

Dr. Hartini Zainudin is a child activist but works currently a consultant for various organizations. She is the co founder of Yayasan Chow Kit (formerly known as NurSalam) and served as the Head of Advocacy and Funding as well as the Outreach program in Chow Kit. She advises Zer0Hunger on initiatives to provide sustainable nutrition especially for children and food security.

Advisor Co-Founder

Nik Adina Taty

Nik Adina has 25 years experience in corporate, government and NGOs.
A serial start-upper in private sector and as well as several well-known agencies eg MDEC and Cradle. A Community builder, entrepreneurship and youth development guru she is also the Resident Psychologist for Pushing Boundaries Corporate Wargames training company.

Operations Director

Farhan Hilmi

Farhan is involved in youth activism, he strives to solve inequalities among societies. Having a background in Finance, he was an executive specializes in Transfer Pricing operating in the insurance industry and acts as treasurers for quite few non-governmental organizations . A young entrepreneur himself, he is very enthusiastic looking to develop knowledge and skills in a challenging environment.

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