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SPAD Alumni Livelihood & Aid Mission is a collaboration between Zer0Hunger and SPAD alumni community aimed to provide aid and livelihood support to alumni who require assistance especially during this pandemic.

Misi bantuan dan sara hidup alumni SPAD ini adalah kerjasama antara Zer0Hunger dan komuniti alumni SPAD bertujuan membantu dan menyokong alumni terutama mereka yang terkesan akibat pandemik.

We Need You

As the pandemic continues and the road to recovery is extended, the number of families suffering increases and these communities continue to need our help.

Get on board Burpees For A Cause and experience a boost in morale whilst helping those in need.


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Why This Activity Is Important

Aside from the obvious reason of raising funds for those in need, Burpees For A Cause gives individuals a personal goal to achieve. There is no doubt that burpees are challenging and when you commit to doing burpees for a week can result in an amazing self-realization of your ability to complete your goal. Doing this initiative in a group develops a sense of team work and definitely strengthens relationships.

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